Stainless Steel
Whirlpool Range/Oven
Price $300.00 or B/O

We are selling the Range/Oven
that came with the model home we purchased because
we bought a different range/oven model.
It has only been used to boil water
to test the burners
(we didn't want to use it because we
intended to sell it when
our new Range/Oven arrived).
We researched the price of new ones
and set our selling price much lower
(because it is not technically “new”).
Here is a link where you can find
prices and “specs”
for this Electric Range/Oven
as well as more photos...

price/specs "Like New" at Sears Outlet

This model has been replace with a new model

Originally Posted: 03-15-2015  /  Updated: 08-06-2016